When dentistry is positive

Dentistry is a special place where not everyone goes willingly. The residents of the Bashkir town Sterlitamak are lucky - a new building of the center for modern dentistry was built at Mira street, where the most visitors will go with a positive attitude.
The original compact shape of the building with bright asymmetrical facades creates a friendly atmosphere even on the way to it. Huge panoramic windows perfectly harmonize with the facade cladding. The developer used aluminium composite panels of the Russian company BILDEX. The uniqueness of the panels is a special coating that creates the "chameleon" effect. Under different viewing angles and different lighting conditions, the color of the panels can change from terracotta to red. Contrasting with the transparent blue color of the windows, the unusual facade panels play the role of the first violin in the perception of this "dental symphony". The new center perfectly fits into the context of a small Bashkir town.