The treasure of Vladivostok

BILDEX products are used on the territory of the whole Russian Federation. There is nothing impossible for BILDEX ACP, even if the object was inspired by the national flavor of another country. So there was an idea in Vladivostok to build an unusual restaurant in the spirit of the ancient Georgian city of Batumi, where palm trees, ceramic tiles, sulfur baths and a beautiful embankment resemble a jewelry box with the secrets of real Georgia, but with the soul of the Far East. Supra, a restaurant of Georgian cuisine, has become not only a catering place, but also a special architectural building that decorates the streets of Vladivostok with its unusual design.


 Today architects are looking for a special style that allows them to go beyond the usual framework and create a unique building. It was possible to achieve exactly this goal when designing the facade of the Supra restaurant. The ORGANIQ aluminium composite panels of BILDEX look as if they are made of ancient noble metal. Modern technology has helped to create a special crystal surface. The unusual flavor of the southern city was created with the BR 2007 color panels, combined with the diamond-shaped perforation. It seems as if the golden surface of the facade exudes heat. It is this feature that attracts the eye, causing the desire to look inside to reveal all the secrets of the Supra restaurant.