New military aesthetics at the 200th anniversary of the Military Academy of Strategic Missile Troops.

For almost two centuries the Military Academy of Strategic Missile Troops  provides training for command and engineering staff that is able to work with complex modern technologies. Since 2015 in order to develop the existing and future infrastructure the Academy has been relocated to Balashikha and will soon in November 2020 celebrate a significant anniversary – 200 years since its foundation.

Nowadays there is a need for an advanced approach not only to the organization of scientific work and the academic process, but also for a special look at the design of educational buildings. To do this the Academy buildings on Karbyshev street were  given a modern look that will emphasize the special status of this prestigious military institution.


Bildex aluminium composite panels were given the leading role in the design of the facades, as a producer of advanced finishing material. The noble color of matte silver BX 9006, RAL 7021 favorably focuses the strict architectural lines of the Academy building. 

The expressive military style of the buildings acquired a new modern sound. The facades look restrained and at the same time impressive, thanks to the original design solution by BILDEX.

It is worth noting that the choice of products of Russian manufacturer Bildex has a great importance for both the construction and military industries. This fact confirms the quality of Russian construction materials and the effectiveness of its application ensures a soon growth of domestic production.