From all over the world "An unusual St. Petersburg twist building"


St. Petersburg knows how to surprise. Once there was the machine-building plant named Russia located in the Polyustrovo area. It was closed more than 10 years ago, today it celebrates its rebirth. As a part of the giant reconstruction of the plant's area, the old buildings got a second life, but there were also new ones built. So, there was built a new office building Ferrum 1 (in Latin ferrum means iron). The German architectural studio of Sergei Tchoban gave the office center an unusual facade made of corten steel, and it is confirming its "iron" name. This material is corrosion resistant and impresses with its spectacular appearance. The illusion of twisting metal strips impresses with the sculptural appearance of the facade. A steel mesh encircles the building around. According to the creators this way of decorating the exterior of the building symbolizes inviolability and constancy.

The use of corten steel in industrial and civil construction is justified by its operational properties, but this material has a high price. Today the whole world tries to reduce the cost of building by replacing expensive materials with cheaper analogues. This is an excellent example of the fact that it would be possible to replace corten steel with aluminium composite panels of the Russian manufacturer BILDEX - AluEstro series.

Having foreseen the new trends of architectural trends, BILDEX experts’ have brought to the market a new product that looks like metal, and in some ways even surpasses it. Various climatic tests have confirmed that the quality of the panels resists to negative atmospheric effects. But the main advantage remains the visual factor – the metal base of the AluEstro coating seems to highlight from the inside. Perhaps in the near future we will see materials with AluEstro coating on facades of buildings in Russia and Europe, from which it will be possible to produce not only facade cassettes but also interior decorations or decorative panels.