Thoroughness as a key to future success

The number of places where you can find architectural objects which are built using composite panels of the Russian company BILDEX is expanding. The office of the company Dalnevostochny ribak (Far Eastern Fisherman) was built in the district of Kamchatka, the constructivist style emphasizes its business purpose. The original architecture harmonized with the unique design contributes to the development of business and the strengthening of business contacts and also raises the comfort for employees.
The office building resembles stylistically reinterpreted containers and barrels – these are integral attributes of fishermen. Composite panels of blue, turquoise and white colors created a dynamic image and reflected the idea of perfection in the flow of life. The alternation of isosceles triangles and panels also laid out in the form of color triangles is associated with the sea waves. The massive tower in the center of the building gives a sense of stability, despite all the life and sea storms.
Taking into account the unfavorable climatic and weather conditions of Vladivostok, where the office of the Dalnevostochny ribak company (Far Eastern Fisherman) is located, BILDEX used EWIGOL coating, which will protect the ACPs from aggressive environmental impacts, preserving the original color and shine of the facade for many years. Fluorinated resin achieves the highest durability of the coating, so BILDEX panels are guaranteed to be in use at least 30 years.