Origami style in the Moscow metro

More recently, a new station Olkhovaya appeared on the Sokolnicheskaya line in the Moscow metro. It is amazing that its design is made in the origami style for the first time in the capital. The entry building visually resembles figures, as if folded according to the rules of ancient decorative and applied arts, and the ground entrance hall resembles a paper plane.

20200225-IMG_7780.png 20200225-IMG_7375.png 20200225-IMG_7468.png

BILDEX aluminium composite panels were used as decorative wall elements. They set the tone in imitation of paper crafts with broken graphic lines, which are repeated on the ceiling of the ground entrance hall. The figures illuminated from the inside create a sense of flight not subject to the gravity. The entrance group and the ventilation grilles of the Moscow metro were made of the BILDEX aluminium composite panels with SCRATCH coating. The origami style has long been used by architects and designers all around the world. Russian experts skillfully used it in the construction of the new station Olkhovaya.

20200124-IMG_5654.jpg 20200225-IMG_7897.png MM_Olkhovaya.png