From all over the world - Dubai can surprise

The Museum of the Future appeared not far from the famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper. The amazing doughnut-shaped building with a variable cross-section was inspired by Feng Shui practices. The structure itself is associated with the Earth and the Sky, and the empty space in the middle is associated with the Unknown. Arabic calligraphy, inscribed on the outside and running through the entire facade, represents quotes about the future of the country, which have been said by the Emir of Dubai. It is believed that this building is one of the most complex buildings in the world.


The creators of the concept, which was developed in 2016, believed that their project would become the hallmark of Dubai. And it actually has happened today, thanks largely to the unusual design of the facade. More than 1000 carefully fitted facade panels made of steel and fiberglass were used for the cladding of the colossal building with a height of 78 meters. Taken the architectural complexities and climatic features of the country into account, it was necessary to choose such a material so that it was weather-resistant and at the same time looked luxurious at any time of the day. 136 billion dollars have been spent to implement this symbol of urban perfection, but its value is nothing compared to the amazement and delight experienced by everyone who sees the Museum of the Future.