From all over the world "The Silo"


When the old is out of date, it doesn’t have to be destroyed. It can be turned into something beautiful and useful. That's the way the Danish architects thought when they decided to transform the Copenhagen Northern Harbour.  It was decided to reconstruct the former grain storage with unattractive blank concrete walls to a 17 storey residential building with panoramic windows with a beautiful view of the coast of Oresund.The COBE company in collaboration with partners had a nontrivial approached to solve this problem - the result was amazing.  The majestic building impresses with its faceted expressive forms. The exterior facade faced with panels of galvanized steel emphasizes the originality of the image of the tower house. The space, transformed with the help of modern construction technologies still retains the legacy of the industrial past. Grand structure decorated with galvanized steel panels forms an authentic image that perfectly suit the updated form of the old harbour. In addition to 38 single- and multi-level apartments you can also see extraordinary restaurants on the first and last floor of the building, which offer an amazing view of Copenhagen.
Reviving old buildings the Danes discover new potential and mark historical traces in their cities.  Doing that they turn into treasures what many people today would consider as unpromising