Second life of an old building

The capital of Moldova has a great number of historical buildings but time is inexorably moving forward, bringing signs of the modern life. There are a lot of old buildings remained in Chisinau that are losing their relevance and are inferior in content and appearance than more modern buildings. The city authorities have found a solomonic solution. They want to reconstruct decayed buildings, giving them a second life. One of the symbols of the renovation is the shopping center Jumbo that was partially restored. The return to life started from the ground floor and will soon be completed with the reconstruction of the upper floors. It is already visible how beautiful the whole complex will be. The exterior design will be the first that will attract the attention of visitors, that’s why a unique design solution combined with expressive interiors and attractive services is the key to the success of any shopping center.
The unusual facade that combines the pearls glow and the texture of natural wood serves as a kind of intermediary between the space of the city and the shopping center. The original distinguishing feature was the overhead road over Bulevardul Decebal connecting it with the shopping complex.
The facade of the building is a 3D pyramidal grid, shimmering with soft light. The nacreous facets of the top rest on a base covered with panels imitating natural wood. Such an unexpected passing gives a striking effect that attracts the attention of everyone who approaches Jumbo.
High professionalism and great experience were required to implement this extraordinary project.  Such qualities have experts of the Russian manufacturer BILDEX, who developed the design of the facade of the shopping center. Unique finishing materials – aluminium composite sheets BILDEX made it possible to perfectly embody the idea of the developers and to include the renovated building in the existing historical landscape. The materials of the Nacre series (Pearl) are particularly distinguished by an innovative coating, which includes special thermoactive fluorinated resins that allow keeping the amazing pearl glow for many years. The imitation of a natural wood "Irish oak" shades the pearl vault, emphasizing the nobility of the style.
The authors of the project were inspired by the ideas of old masters and the conciseness of forms and materials when creating this amazing design. The facade turned out to be stable and at the same time variable. The variability of the color of the coatings depending on the illumination will constantly show this unusual building in a new way.