Sea is calling!

In 2021, a new shopping and office center More (translated from Russian - Sea) was built in the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok. The 28.000 square meters area of modern business zones is united by an original atrium. The convenient location of the mall attracts a lot of visitors from the opening day. The transport interchange connecting densely populated areas with the main transport highways makes the way to the new shopping center easy and convenient. But the main thing that the residents of the city mentioned is a spectacular exterior combined with an unusual interior space. The parallel white stripes of the building facade resemble the foam of the surf, and the blue windows are harmoniously combined with the facade panels which have the color of the sea depth. It seems that we are about to hear the sound of waves and feel the salt splashes. The interior space destroys all the stereotypes about what a shopping center or office should be like. The wood and stone of the interior decoration seem to transfer to a journey on board of a luxury liner. The columns of a bizarre shape present a special chic of the building. They were made with the use of aluminium composite panels that imitate natural stone and wood.


The finishing of escalators with the effect of scratched metal looks like an exclusive accent. All these marvellous finishing materials are made by the Russian manufacturer BILDEX. Both azure facade panels, and BILDEXart series panels with wood and stone imitation, and panels from the SCRATH series with the effect of scratched metal are the developments and production of BILDEX. The skillful use of Russian finishing materials is already serving as a guarantee of future prosperity!