Results of the MosBuild exhibition

The annual MosBuild exhibition has come to an end. At this exhibition we regularly present spectacular new products. This time the visitors were presented a coating with gold anodizing named Copper Clouds from the ANODIZING series. The surface of the panels looks like golden clouds. Besides the spectacular appearance panels with such a coating are UV and corrosion resistant.


No less interesting was the new series of ANODIC effect coatings, which has an economically advantage compared to the expensive anodizing technology. The visual similarity is combined with excellent operational properties, which makes this series especially attractive for designers and architects.

The AluEstro series was also presented among the new products. The creation of this product took our company's experts more than a year. Coatings from this series have an amazing feature. The light falling on the surface is reflected from the aluminium base and creates a glow effect. Thanks to the great number of new products, the time spent at the exhibition was productive and informative, both for us and for out booth’s visitors.