An extraordinary design solution: sea theme in the land capital of Moldova.

What may combine the capital of Moldova and the sea? Nothing, that will be your answer. You will be right only partly. In fact a new Tagaer store has recently enriched the Chisinau architecture. What does the sea have to do with it? – you ask. Here is the solution.  3D Shell type cassettes Bildex were used as facing material for this building. 

The Moldovan architectural and design Bureau Galeriproiect prepared that project with an unusual background. Initially the developers had the task to turn the unfinished building into a modern office center with an area of about 4 thousand square meters.  Advanced building technologies helped to make this brilliant idea real. 

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg

The style of the building is designed in the corporate colors of the Tagaer trading house. 3D Shell cassettes create a certain charm of the building. These aluminium composite panels resemble sea shells and create associations with the sea theme and that is really exotic for the land Chisinau.