When the facade determines the character of the residential complex

The year 2018 has presented the city an outstanding project called "City on river Tushino - 2018", built on the banks of the Moscow river. One of the largest residential projects of the capital has a special style, in the creation of which we also took part.


20180903-_DSC0860.jpg 20180903-_DSC0915.jpg 20180903-_DSC0950.jpg

According to the architects the most fitting material for such buildings on a peninsula, surrounded by rivers and forests, is to all familiar concrete. 

But to leave the facade without a facing or processing is impractical. Therefore, the proposed by our company aluminium composite panels Bildex ART with concrete imitation are ideal for such facades, giving the complex a confident urban look. For the Russian, as well as for the world building materials market panels with such a coating are a fundamentally new product.

20180831-_DSC0342.jpg 20180903-_0915_2.jpg 3-6e5f5a1c2a640c6744c793b3b90729ab.jpg

"City on river" was awarded several prestigious professional awards, that emphasizes the competent approach of the creators of the project in the selection of materials, including facade cladding.