Innovation in modern technology

The SKOLKOVO innovation center near Moscow has been actively developing for more than 6 years, getting features of a high-tech city. An example of this development is the block №9 Tetris, located in Technopark area.

The Tetris block was the first in the construction of the residential sector that includes 10 segments. It was created by experts of the Russian architectural Bureau BRT RUS, UNK Project and the French architectural Bureau Agence d'Architecture A. Bechu.


The facades in form of Tetris blocks form a harmonious residential development of variable height building with separate courtyards and public spaces.


A bright distinctive feature of the residential complex is the decoration of the facade with BILDEX aluminium composite panels. High operational properties of the panels and the possibility of creating exclusive coatings allowed the architects to realize the idea of a snow-white facade, shimmering in the sun.

As the architect of the project Yuliy Borisov emphasized: "In each object we, first of all, formulate a super-task. In this case we had an opportunity to understand the concept of innovation, to understand what is actually hidden behind the beautiful, but not very defined phrase "architecture of the future".