BILDEX in the Metro

A new Metro section was tested in Moscow. Four stations will be opened on the Sokolnicheskaya line in May - Filatov lug, Prokshino, Olhovaya and Kommunarka. This will allow Moscovites to save on their trips up to one hour a day. 
It is worth noting the modern interior decoration of the stations with BILDEX aluminium composite panels 

Filatov Lug metro station 

The front walls inside the station are made 

in form of 3D mirror cubes,

made of Bildex ACP with mirror surface.


      Olhovaya metro station 

The tunnel walls of that station are decorated 

with scale cassettes made of Bildex ACP.

The facades of the pavilion and the roof are faced 

with Bildex ACP with brushed

aluminium design, colour RAL 9005 and 2000.


 Kommunarka metro station

The tunnel walls are cladded with Bildex ACP
 in  bright purple colours with architectural pattern.

The ceiling and columns are also made of Bildex ACP, 

colours RAL 9002, 3003