Aluminium decoration technology


Anticipating the development of architectural trends, BILDEX brought to the market a new product that can inspire the most sophisticated specialists - it is the AluEstro decorative coating. Until now, there has been no similar solution on the market of facade materials. Thanks to a metallized subbase, AluEstro coating has a glowing effect. The light hitting the surface is reflected from the aluminium base and highlights the image from the inside. The result speaks for itself! The development of this product took more than a year. The most difficult task was to find compatible materials and modes of their application to the surface. The quality of the product is always at its best and is supported by numerous climate tests, as well as by proven and implemented technology. All processes are fully automated and adapted to the used materials. AluEstro coating technology can be implemented not only at producing BILDEX aluminium cassettes, it is also easily implemented at aluminium tape, which can later be used for the production of facade cassettes, interior decoration elements, decorative panels. The collection of standard decors is not as wide as BILDEX art line is, but we are constantly working on creating and evaluating new visual solutions. We hope that soon the materials with AluEstro coating will appear on the facades of buildings in Russian and European cities.